Software Download and Download instructions

*Click here to download the zipped toolkit:        ldpc_toolkit.tar.gz
*Save the file in you folder.   ('/home/users/me/myfolder'  ,say)
*Unzip the file using winzip or gunzip.
 The toolkit is now installed. All you need to do is add the directory to your MATLAB  path.
* Use the path broser in MATLAB  to add your folder to the MATLAB path.
   You can also use the addpath command in the MATLAB command prompt to do this:
    >> addpath '/home/users/me/myfolder'
   Type "help addpath" in the MATLAB command prompt for more help.

If you use addpath, you will have to use the command every time you start a MATLAB session

You are all set now.

Email me if you have any questions.